Our Mechanics

How our innovative mechanics make the most from your investment

1. Infinity Pool Backed by USD+

Investments are conducted through the Infinity Pool, where 85% of investments are held in liquid USD+, a 100% collateralised stablecoin bearing 8% – 12% annually; this yield is the worst-case investment scenario. 10% of investments are deployed through the treasury. Lastly, 5% of investment is distributed between everyone. In essence, upon investment, a 15% entry fee is split between the treasury and current holders. Ensuring the price increases on buys and never decreases, everyone can exit at the same current price.

2. Treasury & Locking

Investors gain access to a range of higher risk, higher reward investments through vote escrowed tokens (veHFI); VeHFI requires HFI to be locked for either three, six or twelve months. In return, investors gain exposure to higher returns and voting power over treasury deployment. We believe in giving those who play a more significant part in the success of the protocol higher rewards, meaning those who lock for longer and accept greater risk receive greater rewards than those who do not lock or accept risk.

3. Revenue Distribution

The revenue generated from the Treasury is distributed in multiple ways. Firstly, an allocation of the profits are redistributed to the Treasury to ensure it is capital efficient and growing. Secondly, a proportion of the rewards are allocated to veHFI token holders whos locking period has completed. Finally, a proportion of the profits are sent back to The Infinity Pool periodically to help boost the price.


Absolutely not – that’s the magic of our mechanics. We have 2 options. One for those who wish to take a bigger risk for potentially higher rewards and one for those who prefer a lower yield safer investment. Why choose when you can do both?

Yes you can and we courage profit taking! There is absolutely no sell tax and you can buy and sell anytime.
To help ensure our token price is always increasing, we have a 15% buy tax. There is no sell tax!

This is something we actively encourage. As an investor in Hybrid you can suggest projects that our investment team should look into. If you hold veHFI you can vote on investments and help decide where the treasury funds go.

USD+ is central to our ever growing Infinity Pool. Using USD+ allows our LP to yield  8% – 12% on average thus increasing the token price. USD+ is 100% backed by stable tokens such as USDC, DAI or USDT. 

If you have been with Hybrid Finance since V1 we would like to thank you! You will be able to swap your V1 tokens for V2 tokens on our brand new dapp. Just visit your dashboard and visit the swap page.

When a locking period is complete we will withdraw the most mature investments from our treasury in preparation to create our investment report and return the rewards to all investors. You will have your rewards within 1 week of your locking period completing.

Some of our investments

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We value and encourage strong collaboration throughout DeFi. If you are interested in becoming a partner or wish to work with us in some capacity, reach out to our team.