There is something special about being part of a project that consistently generates returns while not being reliant on new investors or Ponzinomics”

Investment Ethos

We have a team of talented investment consultants who identify opportunities across the crypto space. Ultimately our community have the final say with where treasury funds get deployed through veHFI voting. Ensuring the community is confident with the projects that they are funding.

We compile and distribute investment analysis almost weekly and give our investors access to communication with the team to suggest and identify potential investment opportunities. Community-driven investments are core to our being.

Investment Pathos

A DeFi Institution means more than investing. It means investing in the space, the future, and ultimately ourselves. We believe in a DeFi built upon collaboration, not competition. By forming meaningful, solid partnerships with our peers, we bring value not only to our investors but to DeFi as a whole, and if DeFi succeeds, so too do we.

Investment Logos

We employ several revenue generation strategies, ranging in risk and reward exposure. Strategies are chosen based upon several key metrics, market conditions, deployable capital, average veHFI locking period and many more. Each risk-associated or seed round investment will be voted on by the veHFI investors, while low-risk investments will be deployed autonomously by the treasury management team.

Ensuring the protocol consistently generates yield regardless of market conditions while positioning itself for several “home run” events.

Some of our investments chosen by the community

We work with a great network of protocols and individuals to form meaningful and beneficial partnerships, we may be good alone, but we are better together.
Wondering how we are shaking up decentralised finance? Check out our Infinity Pool and Treasury mechanics.

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