Investment Report

August Statistics

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General Position

With the launch of HFI facing some delays, treasury utilisation was increased to 100% by mid-august. Predominantly pre-existing holdings and strategies were used although a couple of new positions were opened. With Blue-Chip performance remaining poor, no volatile positions were opened outside of the trading bot allocation which was doubled after their performance last month. Revisions to the trading bot management along with another potential expansion next month are expected to boost earnings in this section. Cone, Unknown, and ETS were all launched this month on the Binance Smart Chain, an opportunity not missed with a total of $112,000 being deployed. With the treasury up to 100% utilisation, next month will be focused on rebalancing and diversifying along with supporting the long-awaited launch of HFI.

Farming Strategies

Once again forming the backbone of treasury deployments, farming positions totaled 82.9% of AUM (Assets Under Management). The launch of Cone, Unknown, and ETS on the Binance Smart Chain offered lucrative farming rewards, especially for early adopters with ETS producing an average APY of 132% so far, a position of which Hybrid holds over $70,000 worth. Continuing with Overnight Finance, a position was opened in the USD+/BUSD pool on Cone, currently yielding approximately 20%. Earnings here are expected to increase once the LP is deposited into Unknown. Hybrid Finance will continue to accumulate voting power in Cone


Trading Summary

Trading bot exposure was doubled through the month of august following their consistent performance. Further increase in both allocation and diversity is expected next month along with the implementation of a new approach to managing trading bots. While drawdowns have been observed the team is confident in the way the bots close and flip positions. Currently trading on ETH and BTC we may see this expanded to include AVAX and potentially more strategies. Once again we expect trading bot exposure to become a bigger and bigger part of our revenue generation.